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GTBANK ENGS - Employee New Generation Savings Scheme

It is a Savings scheme geared towards cultivating a good savings culture in the industry. The Savings scheme that can help your employees:

  • Plan for their future needs
  • Build their wealth
  • Protect themselves and their loved ones

Features and Benefits

  • Interest rate on this account is 7%p.a and paid quarterly
  • Employee contributions are tiered, ranging from GMD25.00–GMD500.00 monthly, depending on an individual’s choice of amount and salary level.
  • The Company (employer) will deduct an amount from individual’s monthly salary, and deposit monthly contributions into their GTBank ENGS accounts.
  • Alternatively, GTBank can set-up an automatic monthly transfer from the individual employees’ current accounts into their individual ENGS accounts.
  • It’s a continuous savings without withdrawals for 1 year and above depending on the customers’ (employees) desire of tenor whilst it earns you good interest for the rainy day.


The following are required to open a Savings account:

  • One (1) recent passport size photograph
  • Copy of valid I.D (Biometric ID. Card / current Passport / Biometric Driver’s license)
  • Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
  • Copy of marriage certificate for couples (Joint Accounts)
  • Residence / Work permit for foreign nationals working in The Gambia
  • Note: Original Documents must be sighted

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